Music video we shot and edited for the Mississippi band The Stovebolts!

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
music provided by Judson Hurd

Obscura Films // Show Reel 2015 


Alban Elved Dance Company // Promo edited by Obscura Films

Sunburn Boy live performance video.  
produced by Obscura Films.

Squid Bait short film written and directed by Levi Erik, produced by Obscura Films.

We did post production editing on this new music video for the band Accident of Birth!

"Happy Birthday"  is produced by Obscura Films.

Our collaborative film / dance piece with choreographer Alyona Amato (Suslova) chosen as an official selection for Dance-a-lorus 20th annual Cucalorus Film Festival, November 12-16 in Wilmington, NC.

Our trailer for Levi Erik's short film SQUID BAIT.  Shot and edited by Obscura Films.

 We did post production editing & color grading for Accident of Birth's cover of Victim orThe Crime 
by Grateful Dead for the Dead Covers Project!  Follow this great band here:

We produced this promo video for Land Rover Cape Fear.  
Music provided by Judson Hurd.

We produced the Sarus Festival 2014 Fundraiser film - Wilmington NC 

We produced this 3 hour music video of Christmas music by Judson Hurd. 

 obscura films. produced this 30 minute meditation video.
 ((( eye mountain: a visual/auditory meditation )))


Short video we did of The Burnt Mill Creek Watershed Neighborhood Owl 
Wilmington NC 

Hayagriva, The Untold Story.  Now in production.  This short is a follow up and a beginning tale of a man's struggle to be king along side his queen.   Being produced in Wilmington NC usa.  (video screen shot)

We shot and edited this amazing live show of Endangered Blood @ Squidco Records. 

We recorded and produced this EP album for Cheval Gris.

We shot and edited this live show by Tatsuya Nakatani solo percussion live at Squidco Records Wilmington NC

 We produced a few episodes of "Half Life". Half Life is a series about a middle aged guy that loses his job as an elementary school music teacher and in response starts a rock n roll band.  Produced in Wilmington NC usa.  See more episodes at

The following sound only clip is sound design composed and edited by Ryan Lewis in Wilmington NC usa for the short film Vlkodlak - Directed by Greg Sandera. 

Obscura Films. demo reel 2013

Official Selection of The Cucalorus Film Festival 2011.
Short film  "Hayagriva" produced by Ryan Lewis & August Traeger. Starring Tim Hughes. Score by Somnaphon, Mr. Stonecipher & Food World. Made in Wilmington NC.