the artist.

photo by Shannon Giegerich

Ryan Lewis is an artist working in the mediums of film, paint, music, specialized furniture & automotive color matching and design.  
Ryan's dedication to his work and people he works for is tireless.  

-"Lewis claims that he seeks to give shape to sound with the expressive, texture-ific paintings of “Melodic Owl Dreams,” and it works:  In my mind, Lewis’ colorful chaos is given texture to convey the deep dimensionality of sound"  -Justin Lacy @ Star-News

-Lewis’ painting portfolio is a collection of abstract storms. Some are color explosions, and others are understated grays and whites. Their connecting feature is that they are all products of an attempt to give shape to something invisible: sound.

-“My mission as an artist is to get each and every vision, sound, word that I have to completion,” Lewis remarks. “It seems as though they are creating themselves, and I really am not in control at all. Most of my visual art has something to do with sounds in some shape or form.”

-Translating his experiences to the canvas results in many layers. The paintings are tempting to touch. “It’s a diverse work of thick-textured, heart-felt and striking images; a visual marriage of chaos and minimalism.”  -Encore Magazine

-“Utilizing thick, bright, chaotic brushstrokes alongside three-dimensional form, Lewis’ recent series of paintings showcase an interpretation of sound and emotion illustrated on canvas with paints, inks, cassette tapes, reel to reel tape and more. Allowing texture to breathe through a palette of color and composition, Lewis creates vibrancy and intrigue though his unique sculptural painting technique.

: Born in 1974, a film studies graduate from FMU-Florida, Lewis tell us, “This collection is inspired by the strength, power and joy of true love.”  
The premeditated, articulate work in The Visual Dialogue of Peacocks offers a simple, yet unsystematic contrast to the contemporary art world that has recently delivered both Lewis and his talents into the homes of collectors and several local galleries and exhibitions throughout the region.”  -Art Soup